St Marks Church is now open for Public worship. If you do not feel ready to venture out yet, you can catch up with our services on line here on the website or on our Facebook page. Live streaming of Sunday services will now take place at 11am. Service Sheets can be viewed or printed by visiting our Services page.

Please do join in from your homes if you can; we might still be dispersed but we are still gathered into one body by Christ. You/We are The Church so keep praying, keep believing, keep reading, keep finding hope and meaning in God- this is our gift to the world.

Click below for St Mark's Facebook page (you will need a facebook account)

During this dreadful period in our lives Father Simon would urge you all to keep yourselves and families as safe as possible whilst still having some sort of life beyond surviving. Keep Positive, Keep Praying, Keep phoning friends and family and Keep Active.

As we keep physical distance between each other let us be closer than ever to each other in other ways 

 Please pray for community spirit, for goodwill, for peace and for those who are fearful for their own or others' lives. God Bless